Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Some Wool Jewelry Stories - Chapter I

In the last month I tried new felting techniques, new materials associations, and most of all, I experimented how to make wool jewelry more durable.
It was very fun, that I can say. Although I didn't have too much time for this, I can share some inside information and some impressions from my work.

Recently I started a collaboration with an artist I admire and who opened my way into loving jewelry. I will tell you more about him and our collaboration at the right time (which will be very soon, you will see). Until then, I will show you some beats and pieces from our work together and underline the things I learned from this experience.
SO, here comes the first chapter from the story of the felted wool jewelry.


The wool is waiting for me to mold it. I have a tone of colors to choose from, so my mission is not easy. I decide that for this first step, I should concentrate on the shape. and not so much on the colors. And so I started felting. I used both techniques, the wet one and also the one with the special needle. Because I had to integrate the wool pieces through metal branches, sticking them to the silver part was not an easy task. But the result surprised me.

What I learned?
For smaller pieces it's easier to use the needle technique.
The details are as important as the composition of the piece, so getting the last curly thread of wool to stay in it's place in crucial for this type of work. For more freestyle jewelry, it's different. There for more the rebel threads I have, the happier I am. As these are only tests, I didn't waste time in getting all threads in place. That's for the next phase.
when combining wool with other materials, it's easier to finish as much as possible the wool pieces and then stick them to the metal. Otherwise you will never get your needle in those tight corners and it will not pass the test of time.

That's it for the moment. Stay tuned for Chapter II!

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