Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Some Wool Jewelry Stories - Chapter III

...and we are done. 
the final pieces are here!

just a reminder: 

this is a project initiated by David Sandu, entitled C14
the concept of the pieces: David Sandu & Adina Marin

"About common origins 
About the things that we can see in the same way.
About the first gods 
And about the times in which "to build" did not mean "to destroy".  

C14 is a collection - project initiated by David Sandu in which, twice a year, he invites two jewelry designers or authors to collaborate, imagine and build together a series of objects that resemble the beginnings of humanity. This world, which we usually rediscover through the artefacts and archaeological reconstructions, is re-evaluated each time by three artists with predilections and training in various techniques and materials.  C14 is a discursive exercise about three designers articulating ideas and sharing their creative and technical resources.  
David Sandu – metal – silver 925 – plated with gold and patina 
Adina Marin - wool felting 
Irina Moses/Andelina Petican– wax modelling "

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